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“I am happier now, my family is happier, and my life is so much breezier than it was before” – Georgie

How can I help you?

If you have had enough of putting off what you really want, telling yourself that other things are more important, and you want to realise your life with less stress, here’s what we can do…


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3. People take notice of    you – in a good way!

Physiotherapist | Health Empowerment Coach

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I know you are sitting there thinking, Can I really do this? I don’t have time, I’m not able to become ‘that healthy’ or be ‘that happy’….. Other things in my life are more important.
Well I am here to tell you that you ARE important, that it isn’t selfish to look after you, and go after what YOU want.


I know what it is like to be in a rut, to not prioritise myself. I was quickly becoming a person I didn’t even like to be around, let alone my kids or partner!


I learnt through my own journey, about what it really means to have it all….. All it takes is a decision, to take you from a perpetual cycle of exhaustion, to a place of awareness, energy, resilience & quiet confidence!!


Proactive Health Tribe

Creating a supportive, educational, relaxed….BUT action centred community of Women taking control of their health


Knowledge shared by experienced health professionals


Skills & tools to grow a happy family and a healthy mind & body


Current research on effects of inflammation & free radical damage


How we can enable our body to be more resililent to modern stressors


A place to be you, ask questions and grow your knowledge

Ready to have it all?

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